We are closed until Thanksgiving 2020! We can’t wait!

2019 Show Additions

64 LOR Channels


Having 64 more programmable channels allows us to control our new "Curtain" addition along with splitting up some of our other stuff to have more control during our show. Therefore rather than controlling a group of bushes we can control each bush separately.

2 Blue Spot Lights


We added 2 more blue lights to help evenly flood the house with blue light during parts of the show.

Curtain Lights


This is our big addition for 2019! requiring 40 LOR Channels, 40 strands of lights and 2,000' of extension cords this curtain hangs around 18' tall. Each strand of lights has the ability to be either red or green and consist of 4,000 lights. 

2 Flame Throwers


Its not very often that you see a flame thrower in a Christmas Light Show but we are pretty excited about having 2 in our show.  Due to the high expense of operating these they are only used Fri - Sun.

22' Mega Tree


The 22' post that are holding our curtain lights up allowed us to have an awesome 22' mega Christmas tree! We don't think it will disappoint.

New "Merry Christmas" Sign


Our older "Merry Christmas" sign was made up of old incandescent lights and wasn't very clear to read. This year we decided to revamp it with LED lights and give it a crisp new look that is much easier to read.

Outdoor Speakers


We have noticed that a lot of people like to get out of their car and watch the show so we have added 2 outdoor speakers so if you wish you can hear the music while enjoying the show from outside of your car.

Overflow Parking


Each year we get a little busier so we have tried our best to open up our parking area and create some overflow parking. On busy nights we will open these sections for parking when needed. Sadly the view isn't as good as the regular parking but you can always park across the street and wait for a regular parking spot to become available.