Our 2018 Season is over but we start back Thanksgiving 2019!!

Poole's Christmas
Light Show

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 The Poole's Christmas Light Show started in 2016, but really it started long before that. Back in 1999 when I was 5 years old, my dad, brother and I put up Christmas lights, back then it was only icicle lights and a few lights on the bushes but don't worry we have added more lights each year since then. Ever since that year I have been "addicted" to adding more lights, Christmas is one of my favorite holidays and nothing is more exciting than to see both adults and children enjoying our lights. You may ask what made me decide to turn our light display into a show, the answer to this is simple, it has been a dream for several years ever since I saw another light show on the news and I decided to make it a reality in 2016! We hope that everyone enjoys our show and will make it a part of your family tradition for years to come!  

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