2018 Show Additions

Mega Pixel Tree


Our new 9.5 Ft tall pixel tree is made up with 800 pixels. Each pixel is a individual light that can be controlled to be almost any color that we choose! You will be amazed by what this tree can do!

4 Red Spot Lights


These spotlights are used to light the entire house up red!

4 Green Spot Lights


These spotlights are used to light the entire house up green!

9 Mini Trees


Our mini trees play a big part in our new songs for 2018. These small trees can even change from red to white.

Cotton Candy Machine


In addition to our popcorn machine from last year we have purchased a cotton candy machine! We will be serving cotton candy on select nights. Keep an eye out on Facebook for when these nights are.

32 LOR Channels


Having 32 more programmable channels allowed us to control more lights this year!

30ft Flag Pole


We decided to add something big...or rather tall this year! Our new 30ft flag pole includes an American flag along with a flag with our logo. We sure hope you enjoy it!

LED Wreaths


These new 36in LED wreaths are much larger than the previous ones and are much easier to see during the show.