2017 Show Additions


Our new RGB lights have red, green and blue lights that we can use to make almost any color that we want. We added the SlimPAR lights to all of the songs for this year's show!


Our new Spider light can do some pretty neat stuff like move back and forth and has red, green, blue and white lights. The spider light is used in both of our new songs for this years show!

7 Blow Molds

We have never had blow molds in our show, but we added some this year. They consist of a Santa, Manger, letter to Santa, snowman, 2 soldiers and a chimney Santa 

5 White Spot Lights

Remember those bright spot lights from last years show? Well we added 5 more of them but they are angled downward.

2 Blue Spot Lights

We are backing a blue Christmas this year to help support our local officers and first responders so these spot lights help light our house up blue to show our support!

DMX Fog Machine

Why do we need a fog machine?? Thats a good question, it gives the new DMX lights a cool effect...just wait until you see it!

Parking Area

Some people were unsure where they should park last year so we made a designated parking area so everyone can have the best view of our show! Click HERE for more info on parking.

16 LOR Channels

Having 16 more programmable channels allowed us to control more lights this year!

5.5 Foot Teddy Bear

Do you like teddy bears?? Well we have a 5.5ft one for you to enjoy!

6ft Snowman

What better way to get into the Christmas spirt than to enjoy a large snowman?